Saturday, August 2, 2008

Family Affairs

I really can't say when I will next see my Palestinian family. I had the honor of being there for Rowan's wedding, the youngest sibling to get married, and it meant a lot to me to be there. The festivities were endless, the food delicious, and the number of random extended relatives I met and kissed on the check was countless. They treated me like a family member, called me a daughter, and a sister. We laughed, danced, hugged and even cried together. I was gonna hold it together, in the end, its not my real sister getting married. But then, the oldest son, Hamad, who is a 31 year old, tough Palestinian man, just breaks down crying. It was when the family was taking photos together, and it just probably made it real to him that his little sister was grown up and getting married. The rest of the family was already in tears, and I eventually joined them. Just seeing how close this family is, and being a part of this important event, it made me realize how special it was that this family had included me. I know I am not really related, and I am already someone else's daughter and sister. But, I have never been more included, and felt more related to a family who in another life would have been nothing more than strangers in a foreign land. One day I hope to thank them, but for now, the best I can do is remember to call, and come by to visit when I get a chance. I don't know when that will be, but they have already made me promise that I will have at least one wedding in Palestine, even if I have another one in America. I can't wait.

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Bagz said...

dear pauline,

i was thinking. You mentioned that one needs a drink every now and then in Cairo. I think thats what you said anyway. But, do you think you could write a lil' something about the bar scene in Cairo? Who drinks? US ex pats and europeans? And do the youngins frequent those joints?

also, i'm reading Iron Cage by Rashid Khalidi. Have you read this already? If not, its all about Palestine. So far good reading.

keep on bloggin'